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Thread: Best use of new Skeleton Spell?

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    Best use of new Skeleton Spell?

    Anyone using the skeleton spell? How you using it? Can you take out island single infernos with it?

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    Best use?

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    I once took out someone's de storage with a skellie spell.
    The storage was in the direct center surrounded with a wall. There was a 2nd wall far enough away that troops would go around it, but still close enough for there not to be "holes" to drop troops.
    My army cleared most of the defenses that were in range of it, so I dropped the skellie spell on top of it.
    However, that was at th9 and was several years ago.
    Doubt that'd work on th12s.

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    I think the skeleton spell is still only useful for taking out the queen in a Sui Lalo or mass hog attack.

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    I won't start using it until I have maxxed it out ;
    already have done rage haste EQ poison, but won't do skells til BK 65
    (AQ done and GW at 38)

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