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Thread: Continue upgrading Queen or upgrade a DE troop?

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    Continue upgrading Queen or upgrade a DE troop?

    My queen will be level 5 in 2 hours. Iím going to upgrade her to level 6 when itís done. I have 60k dark elixir right now. Iíll have 27.5k after upgrading her.

    Should I save de to continue upgrading her? Or should I upgrade a dark elixir troop and then upgrade her again? (If so, which troop or spell?)
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    Upgrade Witchs if you want to war.

    Ideally you should be raiding enough to do both though at that level.

    Remember if the base has less than 3k DE, no matter how much Gold or Elixir it's offering, you hit that Next button.

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    Me myself would with no doubt upgrade the archer queen. Th9 is the most important level at the game where you get the most useful hero. Now, many people just skips the queen and upgrades the town hall. But when they are at th10-11 they'd wish they never would've skipped her. My suggestion is that u max ur queen as fast as a you can. Shes a big resource and may save your last 99% or even your missing 30%.

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