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Thread: Builder hall 9 sneaky archers

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    Builder hall 9 sneaky archers

    With the extra sneaky archers offered at builder hall 9 we are starting to see the return of all sneaky archer attacks very boring and not the way it should be please hurry up and nerf them again maybe for builder hall 10 archers and barbs donít go up any more levels in the lab

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    with the mushrooms
    The only problem with them is people wasting three minutes of my life boring me to death with Sneaky Archers

    This side game has it's own subforum

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    First. There is a builder hall forum where this would get better discussion.
    Second. Should? It's a valid attack. It's a bit slow but no big. I often end up with attacks taking a while as I drop in surgical minions to pick off trash buildings after main hit trashed the core. Should that be nerfed?
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    On one hand it sucks to have to wait the entire 3 mins. Then again, they pretty much always lose to me.

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    I'm not seeing many sneaky archer attacks atm but they do pop up every once in awhile. Sneaky archers are a reliable attack that tend to produce a low 2* outcome; I base this on the opponents that I see and not from personal experience (I have no doubt that skilled SA attackers can push the % further). With the addition of new troop levels (most players have 1/2 troops at max by now) and defensive turrets still (on average) a level behind, a low 2* does not seem to be enough to win most matchups. I still see the SA attack but as James pointed out, I usually welcome them as its an easy win in most cases.

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