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    Legend League Problems

    There has been many problems with the new Legend League system, one being the match making I am personally a th11 and I have to attack fully maxed out th12s on a daily basis. And the other way around which is simply unfair, if a th12 finds a th11 itís an automatic 3 star -40 trophies, donít know why we canít have a same town hall match up even if it means hitting the same players on different days, this gives players a chance to see how to improve their bases, Iím in the USA family clan we have many players trying to push up but itís just not the same. I have spoken to other Clans such as Quantum 8.9 they have said Pushing has been made impossible. Their top pusher is a th9, he was at 5,700+ trophies and now heís at 5,300 in a single night. Other clans like The Savage family is struggling as well. I hope this issue gets addressed and fixed, maybe you can look into what I said before about a same townhall match up. Th12s shouldnít attack th11s itís just not fair, you have them new hero levels and they are still able to find lower town halls? Doesnít make sense to me and some of the other clans. I would like to conclude my feedback by saying I like the idea of the new system just want an improved match making, 8 attacks and defenses a day is great just would be better with a same townhall match up. Thank you for you taking the time out of your day to read this well written constructive feedback. Clash on! From behave of the U.S.A Family Clans!🇺🇸

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    Supercell's stance is that if you want to be the best, and compete in Legends League, then you need to be the best and that means being the highest Townhall in the game which as of now is TH12.

    Realistically you're not meant to compete in Legends as a TH11.

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