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Thread: Defense lost without any stars

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    Angry Defense lost without any stars

    How does a player lose a defense battle when the attacker did not receive any stars?

    The screen shot below is of the battle results.


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    It’s not a bug. I can’t find the text to copy and paste but you’ll find it in the in-game News tab where the update was first introduced. (You have to scroll to “read more” to find the original information.)

    Legend trophies are now based on % as well as stars so if attacker gets 10%, then you lose 1 trophy. If 20%, you lost 2 trophies, etc. It jumps to 16 trophies lost if attacker gets 50%, and then you lose 1 trophy for each 10% after that. 40 trophies lost if you’re 3-starred.
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