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Thread: To be able to remove from the production queue products

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    To be able to remove from the production queue products

    To be able to remove from the production queue products. It can be removed from the production queue of products that are waiting, to add others. (for example, when it is producing butter and all spaces are occupied, but it will occupy the production now, I could not remove the butter and put cream in the glue, so we will not have to wait for the butter to finish) What do you think?

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    I was just thinking about this earlier. I think its a good thing. It adds challenge to the game, it makes everything less safe. You loose that production space, you loose your resources, and you loose time trying to make everything back up. The game is about time and resource management if you could always get your time and resources back then wheres the fun/challenge in that.

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    The feature is already there. It's a "premium" feature. Use diamonds to rush the queue, effectively "removing items from the queue". 100% tested and working. What you're really asking is for the game to make it free.

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    Sc have ruled this out as itís nust another way to get around the limited barn storage ussue

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