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    healer ai question

    I have not used archers en masse in quite some time, so it is possible I missed a change, but I had an attack today where my archers were not targeted by healers at the end of a raid. I was able to reproduce in a friendly challenge where they weren't targeted at the beginning.

    I am wondering whether (and when) a change was made to healers not targeting one housing level troops. I assume any change made was to deal with healers and groups of skeletons.

    Apologies if this is covered somewhere else, but failed to find anything via some brief searches.

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    The only change to healers was that their radius for splash healing [larger groups] has been changed from 2 tiles to 1.5 tiles. No other change has been made [recently].

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    Stupid question..
    Were the archers taking damage, or being one-shotted by defenses?

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    No damage, but I would expect the healer to at least fly over and start targeting them. Try in a friendly challenge. Healers start targeting before the troop even takes damage. They aren't doing it for archers (and I assume other one housing troops) but they are targeting 2 housing troops like a wb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlyOdysseus View Post
    I am wondering whether (and when) a change was made to healers not targeting one housing level troops.
    That's been how the healers have worked since at least 2015.

    Sep 24, 2015:
    Quote Originally Posted by realwarrior250 View Post
    As far as I know, healers don't heal individual archers, they need to be grouped up to work
    Oct 15, 2015:
    Quote Originally Posted by hashtagbene View Post
    Healers don't heal 1 housing space troops (barb, arch, goblin) individually. Healer starts working to the closest(+ highest) 2 or more housing spaces group. Sorry it's hard to explain Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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    Quote Originally Posted by SharkyFinn View Post
    That's been how the healers have worked since at least 2015.
    Ok, thanks. For some reason I had it in my head that the lava hound trick required only an archer and a healer, but apparently it has been at least two since the time of the posts you sited.

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    Healers like to heal skeletons last I checked. Have they patched that?
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