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Thread: BH9 Base Layouts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abus View Post
    I saw #8 twice this morning. Went down fairly quickly to minions and dropships.
    Minion Drops and PEKKA Glide work very well against all of the bracket base layouts.
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    Hey noc,

    There are now many more asymmetrical bases out there. Could you please add here if possible. Can you give your player tag so I can look what base you are using right now. I am looking for a specific one base design which I encounter many times but I can't find it online. Thanks

    Edit: I am accessing this forum from mobile so don't know how to upload image. So here is link for a base which I am looking for. If anybody has link then give me.
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    i'm using the 3rd layout you provided and it's really amazing ! Thank you


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