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Thread: BH9 Base Layouts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samonites View Post
    Thank you. I'm currently around 4100-4300. Used to be 4400-4600 but have struggled to regain ground since BH 9.
    It’s more a factor of time investment, really. When I play a lot, I quickly break 5K and stay up there with no real issues. Other times, where I’m focused on other things (RL, for example) I just cruise around the mid-4Ks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noctaire View Post
    The position of a base is often important to deployment. Most base designs use top and bottom, lots use centered, some use right, but only a handful put it to the left. That’s why I keep the former areas open and put my grass and such to the west-most corner of the game grid.
    True, and to add to that, one thing I've noticed is that the southwest and southeast sides have smaller "edges" than the northwest and northeast edges do. This affects deployment, as more defenses can cover those edges, making it harder to deploy from those sides. It's something to keep in mind when designing bases.

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