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    Quote Originally Posted by heavn View Post
    - The old system purely rewarded gemmers who stayed on 24/7. Is this fair?
    - once I hit 5800 trophies my cloud time was 4.5+ hours sometimes, with bases giving 6 trophies for a 3 star, while a 2 star def could lose 39 trophies.
    - personally I am the kind of player the old system ADVANTAGED. I can buy gems, and spend long hours on clash. But I don't think this is really fair to others.
    - on the new system you can get all your hits in comfortably on 2 training potions or boosts. (Or 1 if you cook your first 2 armies before hand.
    - the new league is structured around ability, which is tough, but ultimately fair.
    - the changes make legend more accessible to many more players. This is fair too.

    My Final point is that while it is fair it is very different,
    amd I would have liked to see something to mark the change.
    Maybe rather than legend trophies they could have changed it to legend stars.
    Same purpose but something to indicate the transition between old league and new league.

    Maybe it is time to adapt, and set new goals.
    I am focusing on completing all the achievements, unlocking OTTO, and maxing heroes and walls.
    Clan games, CWL, and wars, there is a lot to this game so hopefully you find new ways to enjoy it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heavn View Post
    and your point is?????? And i do not care nope sure dont
    sums it up for the rest of us, too

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    I think OP wants to figure out what a forum is...

    If you only want positive feedback, email your mum

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