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Thread: Hidden Updates June 2019

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    New loading screen looks awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RandomUsername123 View Post
    I've just noticed that Builder Hall got its own Legends League? My base is sitting just above 4k trophies and I noticed a cool trophy emblem on my profile
    Yes! And they made it retroactive to past months.

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    There's two tabs in the season pass rewards tab. One that shows you what has been claimed and one that shows what you have left to claim. Super helpful if you're like me and you wait to claim rewards until you need them.

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    Check out the Season Challenges rewards list, you can see claimed and unclaimed rewards

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    The defence log looks like this now when you are being attacked in Legends League

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    Some of my clan mates are of the opinion there was a stealth nerf to hogs, thoughts? (They’re th10)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BJanGa View Post
    New loading screen looks awesome.

    Thank god they got rid of that fugly loading screen from the previous update. That was the worst ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gb410 View Post
    Thank god they got rid of that fugly loading screen from the previous update. That was the worst ever.
    I still think it was a tribute to Japan because they were screwed over by having one layout without the base editor option of 6-9 layouts due to the lawsuit that was finally settled.
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    Hidden update: Darian's OBs post mentions a shield reduction of 1/2/3 hours for Titan 3/2/1 respectively. But for those who are in 4900-4999 with a Legend badge there is a 4 hour reduction.

    Edit: That is if you're not signed up to the legend league matchmaking.
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    Bigger single player goblin map

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