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Thread: Qol - mini clone spell

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    Quote Originally Posted by That Little Trophy View Post
    You can't even copy a pekka with 42 becouse every spell apart is just 14. What you van do is just clone a bbd into 4 bbds. Nothing more
    I wouldn't copy a pekka. I'd copy bowlers, or loons and i'd drop 3-4 clone spells at once and instantly have a devastating army in the core of a base with my warden if things to go plan. No one says you can use only 1 spell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GucciGobGang View Post
    Some high level players use multiple clones and blimp regularly to get Edrags or loons to the core of the base ��
    only for 14 housing space, Not for 15 housing space troop and above. Only one troop will be copied at a time. If there are other troop, then there will not be cloning. Other troop is not done anyway. A mini-clone of Spell makes only one troop. The other troop does not take advantage of this spell. So you select the army you want to copy (cloning). This mini-clone is only for small shoots, not for heavy troop. IG, GOLEM, PEKKA, EDRAGON ETC.

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