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Thread: Th13 Ideas- New Hero, New Spells, New Defence and New Siege Machine

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    Really good concept

    But mirror spell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rechatgamer View Post
    Really good concept

    But mirror spell
    I thought about this that's why I would only make the mirror spell last from 0.5 to 2 second at max. With only 20% of the damage being reflected it wouldn't be as OP as I think is first conceived.

    Furthermore, as it take up 3 space with your spell factory, just like the clone spell, you have to absolutely sure about equipping and using it. With all in mind, plus making it the most expensive spell in the game, I think can find a home amongst the spells especially when fighting against the shadow fountain.

    This is my explanation for it. I think it does sound a bit OP at the moment but the truth is there would need to be a strong spell at TH13, especially when fighting the defences such as the shadow fountain and the TH13 black hole bomb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scar View Post
    I like the idea but i think the percentages would need to be slightly smaller. So the max being 20%. It would be awesome if you could describe what you think they might look like.
    I added a description and changed the stats. So a lvl 1 would take 10 sec to destroy a Building, lvl 2 takes 8 sec, lvl 3 takes 7 sec, and lvl 4 takes only 6 seconds.

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