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Thread: Looking for active, derby focused and funny neighbourhood.

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    Looking for active, derby focused and funny neighbourhood.

    My farm is Level 46. Ambitious player who looks a neighbouthood for fun and Derby. Suggest me your neighbourhoods!

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    Hey Ivan ,
    We are are friendly helpful and competitive group full of many active members and are looking for some good focused players to join in , your ambition might be very useful for us

    For proper details ,please check out my post from my profile in the neighbourhood recruitment page
    We hope you give us a try

    NH Name :- Proud to be Welsh
    【Although not everyone is welsh and all are welcome】
    NH Tag :- 9YYCGRC

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    Hi there Ivan; if you are still looking for a hood you can send me a friend request at 82PCJOOYY. I’ll take a look at your farm & send an invitation if everything looks good. You can read more details on our form post. Hope to see ya! -Zee. Knott Pompeii #PRVLUQ29.

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