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    i find that the new system is great, but only if i look at it as a "tournament" thing... same number of attacks everybody, let's see who is the better. also, it is great for farming, i'm making tons of loot daily.... however, i share with many that this is not incentiving people to log on... i can finish my 8 attacks at half afternoon, and without any rush....what then ? why should i log again for the rest of the day ? granted, i can finally have some time to prepare and adjust my war bases, seeing replays of my legend defences, making adjust
    ments... and i like doing those things... but i really think that SC should find a reason for eighters (i just invented this term to identify who has already completed the daily attacks) to log back again and farm, not just watch reaplys and adjust bases...
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    I like the changes, but I want more attacks. The clouds were the reason why we were able to attack so few each day. Once my 8 attacks are done, I feel like I have nothing else to do and leave the game, when I want to continue to play it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattyboo1 View Post
    At first I thought 8 was enough, but now I agree with you. I boosted and used all 8 attacks in an hour and half after the league day reset now I have nothing to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattyboo1 View Post
    At first I thought 8 was enough, but now I agree with you. I boosted and used all 8 attacks in an hour and half after the league day reset now I have nothing to do.
    i think that legends are purely for players who want to practise their war attacks or the maxed th12s... personally i am not even close of being maxed th12 but having made 16 attacks already where i try my best helped me 3 star our #1 opponent in our war today as i am using the same army for my 8 attacks per day in my war attacks as well.. conclusion LEGENDS is identical to war imo as you are required to try your best and not just aim for the win to gain/maintain trophies! i personally like it a lot

    Quote Originally Posted by Warios View Post
    Knowing you were limited to 8 attacks, why even boost and be done so fast?
    exactly this.....

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    Maybe it is safe to say that Legends is now technically a different game within the CoC game, much like Builder Base. In order to play it, you need to push through the lower leagues to unlock it. The game play is different than other leagues since you do not have the ability to "Next" an opponent, yet it is unlike Builder Base in that you cannot deviate your army from what has been trained once matched. Like Builder Base, loot is fundamentally capped; but, unlike BB, it is variable depending on performance and match.

    Like Builder Base, you can ignore Legends and stay out of it. My assumption is some players enjoyed the badge and unlimited (determined by clouds) attacks. If you do want to stay out of it, you lose the badge and are capped in the number of trophies you can obtain by only being able to go as high as Titan 1.

    Time will tell if Titans spurs clouds like Legends previously did. If that is the case, than I think the SC team will have to evaluate if they corrected Legends with OBS or if they just shifted the problem to a new league level.

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    Player A spends 12 hours in a day sitting in the legends clouds waiting for that noise we all know.. quickly picking up his/her phone/tablet to attack a base.. he/she then starts again and waits for that noise. Across the day Player A spent 10 hours in the clouds and managed to attack 4 bases.

    Player B logs on and completes without clouds and attacks 8 bases in a 5 hour window..

    I currently reside between 5800-5900 cups and prior to this update i hadn't seen a base for 18 hours and was lucky to get 3 bases per day.

    From my experience i would suggest any player would struggle to find 8 bases in a day with cups above 5200.

    previously people moaned about the clouds and now they have gone we are moaning about the limit on attacks.. For me the new system is working and i think the questions/comments about what we do now and legend players being offline is solely dependant upon the clan you are in. I havent seen any reduction of time our legends are on, in actual fact i am seeing alot more fc's and interaction as players are not stuck in legends with a lack of ability to do anything other than type.

    could the system be better? I think so and i liken the new system to a single player cwl and if we really want "skill" to be at the heart of legends then access to the bases prior to attacking so specific troops can be trained, otherwise it will always be "skill with a lump of luck" as you train a comp and if ur troops are perfect for that base, .. bonus!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warios View Post
    Knowing you were limited to 8 attacks, why even boost and be done so fast?
    One option would be to gain all the loot early on so you can spend it or just get it over with so you can do something else during the day. Not any different than someone maxing clan games in one day vs 6 days except for the fact that BH is the only thing you can play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElJefesJefe View Post
    I read this as... Well then don't play the game. My life permits me to play more than others and for that I am thankful. If I can play 10 hours a day why should I be penalized and be capped on playtime? The new system promotes inactivity.
    I love no clouds for 8 hits, and only those hits matter for trophies. They need to open up play past that for the people that want more. I don't think that is unreasonable. In fact looking at my clan and seeing chat from others I'm confident SC will notice the decline in activity and make a course correction.
    Were u playing for 10 hours and finding bases all day before update? The answer is no.

    The system is now set up fairly for people , it's not just rewarding people who can stare into a device for 20 hours a day.

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    8 is a great amount. Yes, some days I could atk more, but some days 8 is a challenge due to real life. If SC increased it by much, I would find myself out of legends. 10 would probably be doable, but I'd rather stick to 8.

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    I think supercell should sell the clouds screen as a screensaver.

    I would buy that skin for a pretty gem.
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