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    Post Please I need help to track the person who used my Credit Card to buy Gems in COC

    Supercell please help me confirm or track the person who used my credit card to buy Gems in COC.First of all I didnt lose my credit card I think my friend secretly used my credit card because he always comes in my house to play games and after the insident that im losing money in my bank account I went to the bank to ask for the purchase history and they gave me the copy of the history. My friend said that he didnt do it but im 100% sure he did it becuase he is the only one who comes in my room to play video game. I am asking you this because I want to have a proof that he did it for me to get my money back from him. My parent knows about this and also the MetroBank told me to contact you thats why I contacted you to confirm who is the person behind this crime. I have a proof that I am the onwer of the credit card that he used but I cant send it here, I need to send it to you guys privately. He also used my credit card in other game which is Mobile Legends and I have a proof of it but he only purchased 3000 php amount of items. He purchased like 5000 php amount if gems in COC becuase I have the receipt of the purchase history. Please I need your help. Please reply to me so I can give proof.
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    There is absolutely nothing whatsoever SC can do to help you.
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