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Thread: Quantity Money Idea!

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    Lightbulb Quantity Money Idea!

    I have the problem of trying to save up for things in Hay Day (Fixing the Docks) and I believe that there should be a bank that you can store money for. This would be unlocked for repairing at level 10 and should be repaired when you have spent 5000 coins after you reached level 10. There should be an option where it would say, "For every____ earned, save ____ towards ____." Because of this, players would be able to have coins going towards something and coins going towards buying things. (Like things in roadside shops.) Please use my idea, Supercell!

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    That number on the top left of the screen, with the gold coin icon after it... that's the bank. For every 1 coin earned, save 1 coin towards 10 billion coins. No minimum deposit, no transaction fees.
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