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Thread: Players who opted out are back in.

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    Players who opted out are back in.

    Two of our team have opted out of the last 2 Derbyís because they are away on vacation.
    After this weeks Derby started one of them noticed they had been opted in so I messaged the second and the same had happened to her.

    So now we have 2 players who donít have the time, opted out correctly but are now trying to find the time to do 10 tasks as normal.

    I know this happened ages ago, with the whole hood opted in after an update but itís a concern if itís going to be a regular glitch.
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    Level 80+ please.
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    Same here, my friend can’t be contacted so already I am last in derby and going down.

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    unfortunately its another glitch they haven't fixed. this has happened to me personally about 4 times since the last update.
    only thing i can say is keep a close watch on who's opted in/out. and if something looks funny, try to message people if u can. and if anyone gets opted in by accident, i just tell them to do as many tasks as they can, but if they dont finish, im not going to penalize them for supercells error.
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