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Thread: I'm LF clan to play in the ESL for th7

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    I'm LF clan to play in the ESL for th7

    Of course we need to follow the rules. I'm looking for 18+ players to play with and get some practice in. I have a max th7 account.

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    This is my daily bump.

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    This is my daily bump.

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    you my friend are at the right spot on discord server for TH7 Tournament CUP.

    All join Discord >

    if you want to take part in TH7 CUP

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    We are looking for one more [TH7] for the [Town Hall Cup Tournament 5v5] - ESL

    We have an official team for TH7 5v5 ESL Tournament
    Clan TAG ID: #292JVPQR2
    I have created a Discord Server >
    I am a YouTuber >

    Clan is made for best of the best 5v5 TH7 players. Clan is dedicated for Town Hall Cup Tournament and the prize is $35,000.

    We have Four clans with 30 people in total for ESL practice
    Only join if you are a maxed TH7 we do daily TH7 war events with another professional clans such as OneHive and Team Queso.


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