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Thread: Lost my alt Account (using Parallel Space app)

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    Lost my alt Account (using Parallel Space app)

    I use a cloning app called Parallel Space to run an alt account/base. I lost it once, unrecoverable as far as I know, after an update with the Parallel Space app, but have never lost it after a COC update...until now. It appears that this time it is also unrecoverable. When I try to go into COC via Parallel Space it takes me into it as a beginner with a TH1. At first it took me to a Google sign-in to use either my email, phone #, or to "create new account." I exited out thinking if I logged in using my phone or gmail it might tell me I already have a COC account linked to it, or that it might mess up my current main account...and I don't want to screw that one up (maxed TH10). I wasn't happy losing it the first time, but I was only up to about TH 7/8, but this time I had just upgraded to a lot of time and work, and that was without buying gems to build it. I can still see my base when I go into "my clan" and view all the members.

    Anyone ever experience this? Do I just call it a loss and get over it, or is there some way to recover it. I'm not starting over again....

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    parallel space is an unsupported way to play clash of clans. you could try to contact the ingame support. if they are willing to help than you should not use parallel space again.

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