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Thread: BH9 how are others approaching?

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    BH9 how are others approaching?

    Noc has some great guides and I don't want to clutter up his threads with multiple other upgrade ideas.
    What I've done today -
    Hammer BH9 upgrade.
    Star Lab upgrade - finish with Book of Building
    Used Rune of Builder Elixir
    Cannon cart 15 upgrade - finish with book of troops
    Cannon Cart 16 upgrade - hammer
    Bought all new traps and wall segments
    Bought new firecracker
    Upgraded walls with spare change 3 to L3, 1 to L4
    Bought Lava Launcher - 20 hours til it comes on line.

    I had 2 cycles of loot built up so now 1.3M of each waiting for tomorrow loot cycle.

    Trying to come up with a good base design but so far unhappy with results. And map out a F2P strategy for upcoming days.

    Will probably put elixir into Minions 15 then 16 next (will delay BM and Hog Glider unlock for awhile)
    But probably need to think about leveling new stuff, storages, clock tower and gem mine.
    After that probably look to Mega Tesla and BM to upgrade OTTO even though I'm not sure how much utility he will have until next big update as I was maxed on both bases coming into this update. Will probabaly alternate troop/BM upgrades once dust settles in new BH.

    Trying to decide how many saved medals to spend on BH v MV and if I want to blow through some of my saved up gems or not.
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    Booked the BH and the lab. Upgraded minions to 17 with a book, currently upgrading to 18. Dropped all the defenses and leveled the firecracker and walls a few levels while under the clock tower potion. Dropped lava launcher and used remaining clock tower potions. Used 2 elixir runes and 1 gold rune so far.

    OTTO is really of no use to me as a maxed 12 so i'm not going to hurry its construction. I'm gonna hammer the roaster. Not sure i'm gonna spend any more medals on the BH but i might. I should have hammered the minions for 18.

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    Booked builder hall and star lab.
    Booked / hammered, minions 17 and 18.
    Hammered mega tesla.
    Drops 17 in the lab.
    Bought all the new stuff. Squished it into my base somehow.
    About 14 hours left on lava thing.
    Did all my loot attacks for first time in forever. Won 6 of 6. Was only about 4200 trophies to start so only one bh9 that had max bm. Rest all bh8 level troops. Suspect that will change as I climb.

    Liking the prestige trophies.
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    I had boe to finish bh, then i bought the resource pack and bought the new weapon, gemmed it to lvl 2. Carts are going to lvl 17 at the moment.

    I dont know how wise it is, but resource collectors and storages are so boring to me that i used gems to get 1 gold and elixir storage to max and also all the elixir collectors. I just want them done as soon as possible. New fire cracker also to lvl 3 and i had a few wall rings so i used them on the new walls.

    I have used all my hammers but i will use new ones that i get next time for the hero.


    And i also gemmed star lab and barracks
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    Second star to the right
    Booked BH to 9
    Built all buildings with some remaining gold
    Used Rune of BH Gold to get rest of gold to build lava launcher so now all buildings placed
    Will upgrade star lab next

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    Used first HoB on the BH. Upgraded lab to 9 using stored elixir and BoB. Upgraded ships to 17 with HoF and to 18 with rune of elixir (1st from storage) & BoF. Upgraded minions to 17 with HoF, started 18 with rune of elixir (2nd from this season gold pass). 20:20 hindsight, maybe should have done these in reverse (max minions, ships going to 18) but shouldn't be an issue this early on in the update.

    For gold, I dropped all new buildings except the lava launcher (walls, firecracker, traps). Used second HoB on MT9 and have air bombs going to 9 from stored gold loot (going to be a few days but wanted this done while most have air troops still sub-max). Once this finishes, will likely dump storage gold and 1 gold rune into walls; I'm sitting on a two gold runes right now (one in storage, one from gold pass) so I will have to dump some gold. Second gold rune will likely be used to get the roaster going, but I hope to see the LL in action over the next few days as well, reassess if I should put some time into that right away or not.

    Progress: BH9, Lab9, Drop-Ships18, Minion17, Minion18 ongoing, MT9, AB9 ongoing, new turrets
    Cost: 2 HoB, 2 HoF, 1 BoB, 1 BoF, 2 BH elixir runes

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    Used hammers of building to upgrade builder hall and the star lab and now I’m currently upgrading the cannon carts for the OTTO upgrade thing. Also upgrading my storages so the runes are worth more...

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    i maxed my BM, my DS and minions, also maxed mega tesla and giant cannon with hammers.

    I just dont know why there isnt any packs with runes this time...or more packs, as BH 8 did.
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    BB 8: maxed

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    my plan
    1)bh9- use bob
    2)get everything new(except lava launcher)
    3)starlab- hammer of building
    4)minion- bof
    5)minion- hammer of fighting
    already finished those 5 above.

    i had stacked up 2 cycles befor update so will get enough loot for bdrag in 4 days
    6)bdrag- boe
    7)bdrag- hammer of fighting
    so i would hav 2 troops to max without using runes in 3-4 days.

    in mean time, il upgrade elixir storages with gold.
    not gona use runes till i hav max storages for efficiency purposes. and not gona get lava launcher till i max my elixir storages. also gona calculate 5 clock tower portions affect on collectors later on & weather im able to manage to get sufficient loot for lvl 17 bdrag in 3 days instead of 4 if i use all 5 hoarded CT portions.

    i think i can hold above 5k cups without lava launcher for 3-4 days so i could get best efficiency for my runes. i think this would be the best way for f2p(except doing bdrags as first troop then minions, either way works). also hav 13 hoarded power portions to hold me for 3 days in case massbdrag looks better(which i think it is). also they hav fixed the power portions on builder base, now it gives additional units per camp.

    then the plan is to do archers, then spend elixir on upgrading gold storages, use gold rune & book the roaster if i get a book in clan games or hold the rune till i do. get lava launcher in the mean time, then do pekka. also use elixir rune whenever i get another book.

    overall i used 3 hammers & may be will use another hammer of building on mega tesla if i feel like later on. still would hav over 1600 medals hoarded so it wont be a big deal i think.
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    Booked BH, lab & MT; ditto 2 levels of CC's. Used 7 CT potions on the barracks & gemmed the LL (which is a beast even at level 1). Just the BM levels to knock out before working on O.T.T.O. No point in burning a BoH, I don't have the loot to start another upgrade.

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