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Thread: Healer Binding

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    Healer Binding

    It would be good to add the ability to bind healers to a troop or troops, maybe set the priority they bind with. It is REALLY annoying when dropping your healers on the AQ and they fly off to another troop taking damage, leaving the AQ exposed and she gets killed quickly. I know we could let the AQ take some damage and then drop the healers but if dropping her into heavy fire straight away, she could lose a lot of health before the healers are dropped and she may not recover in time.

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    I know it can be annoying to lose the healer, but most times it's your own fault for losing them.
    You know the rules, you even are noting some of them.

    A healer-lock would make a QW too easy (it's already extremely strong, if well executed) and kill some attackstyles. Everything with an opening QW, that does channel into an attack, with the healer switching to the main-army would be done. Just like that. Only because some are annoyed their healer do switch sometimes.

    Would be sad to see something like that implemented.

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    Any sort of binding/priority could be linked to the amount of troops deployed, similar to the activation of the Eagle. Once X amount of troops are deployed, the binding/priority is no longer active. Or it could be as simple as providing an option on whether the healer/s are to prioritise troops taking damage or prioritise the nearest troop to when they were deployed.

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