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    Multiplayer Matchmaking Queue

    Could someone explain to me how it is decided where a base would be put inside the queue when it logs off? Like what are the chances of a Th9 being either found by a 7 or an 11. Or if there is a thread which already discusses this then please leave the link to it.

    Thank You in advance.

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    With an update a while ago, you are most likely to be offered to other TH9s, then TH8s and TH10s. Rarely will you ever be matched with TH11s and TH7s

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    Lower townhalls will be kicked out of legends!
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    He didn't say anything about legends.

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    We don't know the exact details.

    And if you are Champions league or above, there is no matching of TH.

    But below champions, it is such that if there weer equal numbers of all TH levels, then approximately 90% of all the ones you would be offered would be within 1 TH level of you ()so for a TH9, that would mean about 30% TH8, 30% TH9, 30% TH11. Then most of those left would be within two of you, so yo would have about a 4.5% chance of TH7 or TH11, and only 0.5% chance of TH6 or TH12.

    These chances are actually then seriously skewed by the fact the there aren't equal numbers of all TH levels at any given trophy level.

    So if you are a TH9 in Masters 1, you will see far more Th11s than Th7s, and probably even more 11s than 8s.

    Whereas if you were a TH9 in Silver, you would see more TH7 than TH11.
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