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Thread: Day 1 at the big legend house...

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    Quote Originally Posted by heisenberg42 View Post
    I went to detail my attacks and defenses from day 1 and 2 and noticed 3 of my day 1 attacks are missing from my attack log. Anyone eles? Or ever see this happen before?
    The attack log only goes so far back but all of mine from day 1 are still there

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    Day 1 I gained +9 trophies
    Day 2 so far I'm +165 and only have one more defense
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornswoggle View Post
    I totally understand, that there are several leauges in each tier. That is so obvious, that it is insulting to act, like I didn't know.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hornswoggle View Post
    I know, it isn't easy for normal people to understand the thoughts of a genius.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indraj1t View Post
    The attack log only goes so far back but all of mine from day 1 are still there
    The log goes further back with attacks logged before the update where no replay is available. It looks like my first 3 attacks from day 1 are missing from the log.
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    Iíll be in legends by the morning. Looking forward to seeing the new setup.

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    Near 6k

    Up about 20 today
    -5 yesterday

    As I have predicted higher legends are pretty standard and trophies are stagnant. I have 2-3 3 stars the rest 2 stars. The people attacking me pretty much do the same.

    Itís rare anyone doesnít 2 star any base and everyone generally gets 3 star or high % 2 star. The difference is going to average +/-5 trophies when youíre at the very top of legends. There really isnít a Ďgoodí defensive baseí up this high, itís all the same.

    Stagnant and somewhat boring. Going to be very few going to 6k and Ďtopí will probably be around 5.6k.

    Only been a couple days but I guess time will tell.

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    Another 30 something increase for me today, pretty much the same as yesterday.
    Contact SC here. Click here to see how trophies are calculated. I'm still thinking starting the "new" legends at Legends2 at 5500 and having Legends3 be for 5000-5499 would be good (with season resets to 5000 and 5500 depending on your trophies at season end) but overall I LOVE the Legends change. Thanks SC.

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    Lengends seems like an awful lot of work
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    First day up 67... Had two people not attack.

    Today down 37... Queen and Warden upgrading. Ouch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doddsyuk View Post
    ... so thatís my day one done, gained 128 and lost 109 so a net gain of 19!

    how are you doing and who will be evicted from the big legend house!

    Attack. Defence
    1. 12 10
    2. 40 40
    3. 22 21
    4. 22 11
    5. 32 27
    my connection went on last attack bye bye bonus basically from what i see i kinda arent going anywhere lol just hanging around 5200

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    Went up +78 yesterday since on got 4 defenses. Went up +50 day 2 with 8 atks/8 defenses. Pretty solid overall

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