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    Quote Originally Posted by AxsMan View Post
    Fair enough, it does make sense that the guards and shields only ‘protect’ inactive players, since active players can’t be attacked while they are on line anyway. So the other alternative is to force players offline more often, ie have more frequent personal breaks, but I can only imagine the ruckus that would ensue on here if SC went down that route! Lol.

    Fwiw, my second account is in Titan 3 at 4368 and has been experiencing sub 1 minute clouds this morning, which is about the same as before the update.
    More frequent personal breaks is what Gametheory is actually asking for, rather than changing guard/shield.

    And yes, that would make a difference, but as you say, the ruckus would be immense.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grill View Post
    But when something like an update is to be expected all stupid breaks loose and it just becomes an idiot storm of catastrophic proportion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Maverick View Post
    Any more balance to th10 will make th10 broken...
    My stats (main account)

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    Yeah there would be lots of complaining because there always is when anything is reduced(i do lol). But in effect casual players that attack 1 or 2 times a day would take 10-25% more defenses in a day on average. More active attackers would take 2x as many defenses/forced 5-8m log offs. Less change for lower tiers where 2h sheild is reduced to 1h.

    Thats not much to actually complain about (but im sure some will).

    To compensate, loot cart is increased from 20% to 60% of loot taken so u are actually losing 40% instead of 80% on defenses. half as much each defense. Or an adjustment increasing league bonuses. Or a little of both. Or neither its not a big deal. Many ways to skin a cat. This is most direct and easiest for sc to impliment since it requires simply changing numbers and no new coding.

    Also i love the new legend league. That same solution shouldnt be done to titan imo. People need options. But the guard/pbt solution should work great in titan especially with the new legend league in effect above it.
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    TH 11, sitting in Titan 1
    takes 5min to find a base and they're almost all TH 12's , takes like 30min to find another TH 11 for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noctaire View Post
    Not mine; I actually refilled my Kanteen with ice and water while waiting a couple time, made food another.... Itís been aggravating to say the least and for some time. Itís not just that you cloud for 30-90 seconds, but that when you do finally get a base, the offer is lousy both in terms of trophy and resource offerings. Most of the bases I saw were 150K-200K for both Gold and Elixir; 1500-3000 for DE; and trophies were often single digit. Champs is much the same. get a poor offer after a minute of waiting and hit next...a minute later, the same so you hit next...a minute get the gist. Before you know it, youíve blown 10 or 15 minutes just trying to find someone with decent loot/trophies to attack. Farming up high is just the pits. They need to divorce the match bonuses from leagues and just make them for each TH level and let you farm wherever, then push for higher leagues. Or offer a daily limited number NPC bases with good loot but poor trophies. Farming and pushing just donít do well together up top.

    I ended up playing 2 HV and 2 BB games simultaneously just to keep awake while waiting on clouds and troop build - all 4 boosted to boot.
    Agree as I'm having the same experience.
    As clan games are also happening any time limited challenge other than BH is a risky propostion, same for using potion to boost barracks.

    Supercell need to inject more bases into the Titan league that are not just TH12 level.
    Maybe they could do a copied base, with or without CC. Make it attackable for a fixed loot or for gems/potions/medals.
    Higher TH levels in Titan still need a reason to attack, maxTH12s or bases with no loot is a serious incentive to drop trophies which would make the current situation worse.

    Q. Should Legends be renamed as TH12 only?

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    Getting to legend become the hardest task in the game, my clan mate trying for few days now and getting wreck by losing trophies on defense.
    Since the trophy system reward more trophies for attacking higher rank player so being at 4900 trophy range only gives you 6-10 trophy offer and because most player below you, on defense you lose about 30Ö.
    I think it should be fix trophy offer for every league,40 for 3 star and so on..

    And ofcourse clouds are terrible there just like old legend
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