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Thread: New loading screen is awesome.

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    New loading screen is awesome.

    Thank you supercell for the awesome new loading screen. Its HD 1080p. Far better than the old one

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    Everything was good in the upgrade except the loading screen. It made me feel like i went back into the old age of clash. -_- (JMO)

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    what to u think about loading screen

    Hi Guys.
    guys what do you think about the new screen. How much points you what to give it out of 100.
    I am giving it 90 out of 100

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    the loading screen is real cooollllll.

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    It's no use giving 'points'.... I for one am glad that the one before this one is gone. No disrespect to the artist or the intentions of SC as explained by Darian, for me it just wasn't CoC

    Edit: there already is another thread posted several hours ago....
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    I love it. I did like the unique art style last time but this is much better and feels like the right choice for the game itself

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    My device loads it so quick I don't get time to actually enjoy it. The still shot seen looks alright, colourful, liked the old one better

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    for me it just wasn't CoC

    then what is this

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    Quote Originally Posted by HappySamuraiSama01 View Post
    Everything was good in the upgrade except the loading screen. It made me feel like i went back into the old age of clash. -_- (JMO)
    You mean actual Clash the game we all fell in love with? Not that hot mess we had to deal with for months.
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    Completely agree! The new loading screen, infernos, and 3D warden look sweet. Great job SC
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