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    Thanks for letting us know.

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    The top cups list should not update with every attack. It should only adjust each persons score(cups) after an even number of offenses and defenses. 8 attacks and 2 defenses should list a score from first 2 attacks and the 2 defenses for example. Not adding in 3rd attack score until after 3rd defense is taken.

    As it is now i can do 8 average attacks real fast beginning of the day and go from #150 in usa to #10 in the usa. And nobody can tell i still owe defenses because my attacks and defenses are not listed publicly. This doesnt make and sense for an "even playing field" or for a skill based system.

    Also it is a large disadvantage for people in countries where the league day starts as they are going to sleep (like the entire western hemisphere). Attacking 8 times beginning of league day vs attacking 8 times at the end of league day keeps u ranked 300 cups lower for most of the day if u attack late in the day than if u attack early. Thats the difference between #800 in the world and #10 in the world. The only accurate list is for about 5 minutes right before league day ends as everyone has an even number of attacks and defenses contributing to their listed score.

    To summarise: first attack or defense should not contribute to top score list or to highest cups reached (in profile) until after there is a matching defense to that first offense. Or a matching offense to that first defense.

    A 2nd lesser solution is only update top score list at league day end. This would be easiest for sc but i dont like how it would take some if the realtime feel from attacking.

    I pointed out this potential issue before update even dropped.

    P.s. new legend league is awesome other than this issue. But this is a big issue affecting fairness and accurate skill ranking for 99% of the league day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    Just a quick update. The defenses not counting towards Unbreakable is indeed a bug. From what I've been told, it's a fairly complex one so I don't have any kind of ETA when it would be patched. Furthermore, since July is a holiday month in Finland, it most likely won't get touched until at least next month.

    (sucks being the only person in the office)
    Why donít you drop updates after the holidays when people are there to sort out all of the bugs. This happens every time an update is dropped and the same holiday excuse is used.
    The amount of defences is recorded in your profile correctly in legends, so all you have to do is add that tally to the unbreakable achievement tally, I wouldnít have thought that was too complex for one of your coders to sort out.
    At the moment people are all complaining about the same things as they crop up in their game play. They are then directed to a forum link which discusses the problem in detail, then arrives at the conclusion that it is a bug or there is no info on a fix.
    Your stickies at the top of the forum regarding bugs etc arenít being answered, so do us all a favour and unstick them so that they can disappear off screen. Dont ask for questions if you arenít going to answer them.
    Why are you in the office if there is no one there to answer technical questions? As no info is forthcoming, take the rest of the month off and come back with a refreshed attitude in August.

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