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    Quote Originally Posted by Baxpin View Post
    Does anyone else have a red 1 badge with on their shop they can't get rid of?

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    game is not running, can't open it, crashes when i start

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    Hi all
    I moved some walls and cannot chose my village anymore for defense.
    why is there a 24h delay for choosing a village in legend league ? We never had any delay for choosing a multiplayer defense village.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefistace01 View Post
    Just got attacked and came down to 4932.
    What's surprising is, I recieved a 12h shield at 100% damage with a complete army. Enemy was in titan 1 league.
    Is it intentional or another bug??
    Same here. 100% damage and only 12 hour shield.

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    I started updating the Builder hall to level 9 and started the clock tower. It didnít have any effect on my building time of my BH... 😕

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zax View Post
    Iím not clear if Iíve been attacked either?
    Would be nice to know?
    If it just updates once a day (which amid all the rules, I think it might be the plan) I see that a a major flaw. That has a Negative effect on the more skilled,which is not what you want.
    So for example if Iím getting hammered on defence I might go for more risky but potentially higher reward strategies in my attacks to keep/gain cups.

    Also I can see the base Iíve opted for defence. But Iím not sure itís definitely chosen? As thereís still a blue button that says choose. Same with the cc troops.
    Plus some of my bases I canít put up to be a defensive base as Iíve recently moved things and am locked out. Surely this prohibition should be removed for the specific case of choosing a defensive base for LL
    Ok I can now see iíve Been attacked Twice.
    A 2* 59% for -19 cups.
    A 49% WIN that still loses me 4 cups.
    *coughs up a furball*
    ďNot the way the games meant to be playedĒ??

    EDIT: Replays just started working since logged in again. Just watched the replay of my 49% Defence. Vs Spam Edrag Loon: a bad one so right result, except guy gets 4 cups whilst I would only get 12 (16 total) more with a 2* 50% vs a v tricky base. Doesnít seem quite right in my favour?
    The irony is that attack would have lost a lot of cups (for the attacker) a few hours ago not gained some as of now.
    Brave New World and all that I guess.

    But IMHO needs another look at.
    This is supposed to now be about Skill???
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    I just earned the 225 stars achivement by playing practice mode but i havent 3 starred the single player mode yet

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    37 minutes later and still nothing .....
    thanks for this

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    [BUG] "Quick Train" queues Practice Mode army

    After leaving the practice and queuing a new army through "Quick Train" button, the troops being cooked are the ones that were used on the training.

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    Sry if this has been asked, is it intentional for LL players to have only 5 attacks
    one of our members is in LL and was surprised at having gotten only 5 attacks today
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