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Thread: Solution for wrong/accidental donation of troops

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    Solution for wrong/accidental donation of troops

    IDK if this idea has been submitted before

    Getting wrong troops viva donations has been a massive headache for every clan. It doesn't matter weather if its by accident/on purpose/wrong click ...

    My idea is when player is requesting for donation let him/her choose the troops,troops lvl,how many troops.
    Example: My clan castle limit is 25
    • one Baby dragon level 3 or up
    • one Valkyrie level 3 or up
    • one wizard level 5 or up

    So, only these troops should be allowed to donate if i try to donate dragon/pekka the donation should to happen.
    If i try to donate 2 val and 2 wizard that also should be blocked
    I know this will add lot of task on developers and will greatly complex the code but i think this is the best solution to the problem.

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    Clan management. Remove the players who are intentionally donating what isn't requested repeatedly or find another clan.

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