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    Cool Hay Day June 2019 Sneak Peek #8

    "Itís a whole new world in a new Hay Daaaay....!"

    Oh my.. 8 sneak peeks are already out! Have you been able to figure it out?


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    The last map piece.


    Hay Day Update 2019 - The Valley Map

    Eight is the last hay day map puzzle piece we need and now we have them all.
    The last part shows a timed activity cate and coloured dot. Megan thinks its a hay day game.

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    As of Sneak Peek #8, the map is revealed as the following.

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    Completed sneak peek image!!

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    The final pieces are put together!! So excited for this update. I hope you enjoy my video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post

    "It’s a whole new world in a new Hay Daaaay....!"

    Oh my.. 8 sneak peeks are already out! Have you been able to figure it out?


    This must be so fun for you guys to show us the sneak peeks.
    Is it a inside game perhaps?
    Have a fun day everyone

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    Hopefully not long now until the roll out starts!

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    really waiting a lot for it, curious to see what offer that update, what can be done or not be done ... i'm always with the non stressfull, cooperative and non competitive ... love the principe of the 3 reunited ... my wife also love the concept, she don't like the derby for the competitivity, the stress (little ok, but to do well) and the recurency of it ...

    so come on hay day bring the update live, don't make us wait longer ... !!!!
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