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    Cool Hay Day: New Valley Trailer

    Get ready to jump into your truck to explore the new Hay Day Valley, coming soon to a mobile device near you!

    Let the games begin...


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    This looks AMAZING! The concept looks great, like a farm and town all rolled into one? You weren’t joking about a whole new place to explore!

    I know many people will still complain even when this update is released, but just know that the true, die-hard Hay Day fans will absolutely love any new challenge you throw at us!

    And just a shout-out to whoever created this EPIC animation! It is truly one of the best I’ve seen!!! I’ve watched this 5 times already just for the art!

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    The video is absolutely hilarious, I canít stop laughing 😂

    Thank you! ClashOfHolmes for an awesome sig!

    Just call me K, my name is too difficult to spell.
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    Look good to me

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    Now watching it again, I’ve just noticed 2 Finland flags, one on the mailbox at the start and another as all the animals get smushed on the glass as the truck falls, on the top of the window hanging down. Cool Easter Egg!

    Also, is that... is that Susan’s store in the last frame, kinda on the right side in the middle (yellow roof)? The building style looks similar to the imagery from the truck order board. Could we see the places we deliver to now?! Again, very excited!

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    Update will arrive around next week, that's sad cause everyone is looking forward to it!

    But anyway, very nice video, they should make a film: Hay Day lol

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    Is the hay day valley meant to be a game within the game? Or will it be a different applicatjon?

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    Welcome to the Valley

    Loved this video the first time i saw it in Helsinki
    Now i can see it again.

    Here is my take on the video and what clues it gives us.

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    Awesome! That video was great, I can't stop looking for some hided details in this video. And of course, I had a laugh...

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    Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. Now I really, really, really, really want this update.

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