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    Quote Originally Posted by BostonGirl View Post
    Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. Now I really, really, really, really want this update.
    Are you sure about that, BG?

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    Amazing video. So well done!

    Since it is a "New Hay Day" and given some of the visual clues, I'm wondering if we are going to get an area where everyone has to start again from scratch at level 1, with a new barn, a new silo, new fields, new buildings that have to be opened up and expanded like the existing town buildings, etc. That would sure be fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WussyPuss View Post
    Are you sure about that, BG?

    Oh Wussy. 😄😘
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    Go check out my video on the Valley Trailer! Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe to my channel!

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    I think that jingle is splendid. Great Job Hay Day!

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    In depth examination of The Valley trailer. We break down the song and if you stay till the end you'll hear me sing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JaydensWienerDogs View Post
    This looks AMAZING! The concept looks great, like a farm and town all rolled into one? You weren’t joking about a whole new place to explore!

    I know many people will still complain even when this update is released, but just know that the true, die-hard Hay Day fans will absolutely love any new challenge you throw at us!

    And just a shout-out to whoever created this EPIC animation! It is truly one of the best I’ve seen!!! I’ve watched this 5 times already just for the art!

    Congratulations, Hay Day Team!
    You’ve worked hard to bring us this update, and I am so thankful for your efforts, wonderful imaginations, and dedication to making this game fun, challenging and delightful. Camilla, I send you my love and thanks. You have created a wonderful and fun place for me to play in, where I don’t feel as much the intense pain that invades my daily life. You give me a little slice of playful heaven, with wonderful friends, to enjoy each day. You are appreciated and treasured more than you know. Thank you! You and your compatriots are treasured and loved.


    Fantastic post!
    What you wrote perfectly sums up what I am thinking!
    Cute song, too.

    You must have been bursting at the seams, having to keep the secrets secure until sneak peeks and update time. Good job!

    I’m so excited for this addition to the game I love, and can’t wait to explore and play!
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    If its going to be called The Valley Im
    Going to have to improve my Welsh Accent! Ill need to watch Stella from the beginning again and get my cwutchs well stocked!

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