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    Yep, I agree, my first thought is we need a bridge not a road. And it has been known already for a few months, that there is a gate at the river that would make sense for a bridge. Then again, if you look at the picture closely, it looks like a contrail from the sun all the way down to the back of the truck, so who knows.
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    I just found this thread. There was no link to this graphic in the game “News” which I find surprising since I’ve been checking regularly even if there wasn’t an alert. I checked FB and it went up there 11 hours ago which is when the first response was posted here. For those of us who don’t use social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram) the in-game news is crucial.

    I notice that there are a couple of trucks on the road and bridge...

    I agree that this and the Dairy News are probably the new version of sneak peeks.
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    The flying truck reminds of the General Lee from the TV show The Dukes of Hazard. The truck will allow us to go boldly where no farmer has gone before.

    Here's the theme song.

    June 20, 2019

    EDIT: If there's a betting pool, I'd like to place a bet that the game changing update will be released on Monday, June 24th. Good luck Team Hay Day.
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    Can i start palying this game now? Is any thread regarding this game play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JayasundarRB View Post
    Can i start palying this game now? Is any thread regarding this game play.
    I was in COC for 5.5. years.
    Of course you can!

    welcome to hay day! It is never too late. I have been farming for a long time, but I started clashing about 2 years ago. Itís never too late.

    here is a new peopleís thread

    if you have any questions there are many good folks here who will be happy to help
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    It looks like we are crossing the river to get to the valley. If this the case I'm very excited - I always wanted to do something with that empty green space!

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