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    Cool Hay Day: We don't need roads!

    "Roads?!? Where we're going, we don't need roads."


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    Is that a bridge in the bottom right?! Could we finally be going across the river?!

    I’m so hyped, and I love this art style! Keep it up!

    p.s. what is that on the front of the truck?

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    Is this the beginning of sneak peeks ? This is getting silly, not knowing when the update is coming. Since it’s already Thursday wouldn’t sneak peeks have started already ?

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    I’m pretty sure this is a sneak peek. In my opinion I like these better.

    In the last the sneak peeks always (in my opinion) gave everything away too early. I like how these sneak peeks, along with the Dairy News videos, only spilled a little bit at a time, leaving the speculation.

    Now, should they always do these type of sneak peeks? As much as I like the art style, I don’t think so. Maybe only for big features that need a good reveal. Regardless, I am very happy the update is very close and am counting down the hours until the next sneak peek is revealed!

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    Who knows whether its a sneak peek or not - its odd, more of a delay tactic in my mind. I thought wed have had proper sneak peeks this week with the update next week for the Birthday but seemingly not...

    Patience is a virtue

    Just not one I posess !

    Come on Nick, proper Sneak peek time!

    Cute image though. Id like a flying truck HP style!
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    I hope this is the start of sneak peeks. Guess we'll find out soon enough. Check out my take on what I think the picture means...

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    Seems like a much simpler explanation is that our trucks have learned to fly, as long as they have right "fuel".

    I don't think there are going to be any Sneak Peeks. Seems like The Dairy News has replaced them, at least this time around. So that makes me think the Update will be flying in this Monday. I can't wait.

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    We don't need roads but will need a bridge is my guess. The roads are already there - just need the bridge to connect them. Else, the only way to get across the river would be a running start and jump over the water (like the photo is showing). But, the photo is also showing a nice little bridge constructed going across the river attaching to the farm (silo).

    That's my best guess. I don't think the airport makes much sense at this stage. Cami already said we will be using our trucks to access this new area.
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