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Thread: BoCo saints | Level 13 | Offical recruitment thread

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    BoCo saints | Level 13 | Offical recruitment thread

    We are Looking for ACTIVE & Loyal Players with SOLID Townhalls with good Offense - Prefer high th8+ ( but any will be considered)

    We are a laid back Level 13 Clan. Established December 2014. Our chat gets very quiet at times, noisy at other times, as we are all busy people, but we are organized & follow the guidelines we've set up. Leaders & Elders plan every War attack & Communicate through clan mail and clan chat. We range from th 9 through th 12.

    We war 2x per week. Our War win rate is about 70%. You're welcome to opt out of any war, but not every war!

    Normally we max out clan games without any struggle. We expect you to help, but we don’t have a minimum amount of points needed.

    Right now we are placed in crystal III and normally end up close to promotion.

    We are an international but English is our language. We are based in the US but have members from all over the world.

    1. No troop suckers allowed. You must donate to the best of your level's ability and donate only what is requested.
    2. Must participate in wars (use both attacks) unless you communicate with leaders & elders why you can not. Follow all war strategy that is set up by leaders.
    3. Elder & co-leader positions are earned and not given often.
    4. We are mostly adults but do have a few younger people in our group.
    5. War 2x per week - Tuesday & Fridays evenings CST (USA).
    6. We expect loyalty & respect.... NO hateful or negative remarks to fellow clan mates will be tolerated!
    7. If you are Rushed, you may not be accepted / allowed to war.
    8. You must be willing to learn & discuss new ideas - this helps you and the whole clan.
    9. Speak up & Share ideas/ questions in chat & group - That's what they're there for!

    If we sound like the clan for you, either send me a DM, reply to this thread or request to join - include ”Found tjena on forums” or your request will likely be rejected.

    Our clan tag is: #9VOCJRJO

    We are looking forward to hear from you!
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