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Thread: When sould I upgrade to TH9?

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    Question When sould I upgrade to TH9?

    I currently have maxed out all buildings in main villlage for TH8 except for non-key wall segments. I also have upgraded all key troops I use (guys as bar, arch, gob, and giants go away as I don't use them at all as they useless just now and will be such for all further THs). Currently I see no profit in upgrading walls for like 50m of gold just to get filthy +500 hp just because th 9 guys attack whith hounds and balls (who just ignore walls) or with jump spells (again, walls just useless for that). Th 8 guys got repelled well with walls level 7. Is there any rational and measurable reason to upgrade all walls to top and all other troops as well?

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    If you're not wiing to invest time in your walls now you're going to hate the later parts of the game.

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    In th9-10 I will have more gold income and can upgrade walls faster, also at th9 there's no gold bias because walls can be upgraded for elixir instead of gold.

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    your walls are your most important defense. Do not save them until last, Do those before you max ALL mortars if you war because mortars and wiz towers carry a lot of war weight. The best attack at TH9 is not laloon it's witch slap and weak walls are a blessing for witch slap.

    do not go to TH9 until you can three star everything at TH8 with dragons. failure at 8 with dragons should be extremely rare.

    your BK should be TH10.

    All troops should be max because you have a lot of upgrades at TH9.

    Goblins and giants are extremely important for getting loot.
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    Hi ivakam
    one misconception you have is that walls can be upgraded with elixir at th9. True they can but it starts at level 9 walls which need to be upgraded from level 8 so keep that in mind
    Im almost TH10 and at th9 i maxed all of my walls save few that ill do at th10 without much trouble

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