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Thread: Upgrading heroes and walls. I need help or advices

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    Upgrading heroes and walls. I need help or advices

    Well I am like at th8.98 I've upgraded all my building (camps, stores, mines, collecors, traps and defenses) but the walls (which a very few are lv9) and heroes. I got wizard ,pekkas, healer, wallbreaker, dragon, hog, giant and healing spell at their max level allowed by my th. My plan is to use the dark elixir (I got like 130k right now and I am getting a lot more at the end of this month) for my heroes, the pink elixir for the remaining troops and spells and the gold for the walls (when all my troops are upgraded I will use pink elixir) the problem here are the walls and heroes, I don't know what level my th allows me to upgrade the heroes (I've seen other th9s with their heroes at 25) regard to the walls (in th9 there are 200 or 150) need half a million gold to be upgraded to lv9 and a million for lv10 considering if use all my gold store and all my pink elixir store I will only upgrade 32 walls to 9 (and 16 walls to 10) this will take insanely long. Should I keep my plan? Or use another one?

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    TH9 allows you to max your heroes to 30 for each of them.

    I honestly can’t say I can follow your plan, but a couple of notes:

    TH9 is all about farming DE. Elixir and gold are secondary concerns.
    Upgrading your heroes will take longer than your walls and buildings, if you are wanting to max them to 30/30 before advancing to TH10.

    All you really need to plan is for upgrading grading your heroes (if you want 30/30). You’ll need a comp/plan for getting elixir that doesn’t rely on having a hero/heroes available. If you play in wars/CWL you will need to keep that in mind, depending on how your clan feels about it.

    I’m about done with TH9 - I will be starting TH10 upgrade tomorrow. I went TH9 around the start of April, and have been working heroes constantly. I will have my BK upgrading to 30 right as my TH10 upgrade finishes. My AQ finished upgrading early this month. Walls were finished at the start of this month. Buildings have been easy to upgrade. I have some stuff left in the lab, but I don’t feel compelled to upgrade those before moving to TH10.

    Set yourself some goals - hero levels, troops, buildings, walls, whatever. Decide where you want to get to in say a month’s time. See where you get to in that month. Reassess your plan and alter it as needed. You’re the only one who knows how much you play, which determines how much DE you get, which drives your hero progression.
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    Well i am going to th10 with 20/22 heroes and i am able to easily 3 star bases. So 30/30 is not necessary but it is recommended if you war frequently. If you can manage with 20/20 or thereof sure why not?!
    Dark Elixir is a bit of a PITA but still fun i experimented with BabyLoon DragLoon QW(GIWIPE LOONION GIWIZ) really any elixir heavy strategy will do,

    One thing to note is you want to upgrade a few elxir farming troops at TH9 beginning so income is not hampered by em.
    Still if you want more elxir than dark for an upgarde go from crystal to gold 1 for a few days but come back to crystal for dark
    Hope this helps

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