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Thread: Witch or Baby Dragon Comp at Th9?

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    Witch or Baby Dragon Comp at Th9?

    I just go witches and baby dragons, and will have lava hounds in a day.

    What are some compositions that use these troops? How many of each (220 space)? What spells to go with it? (As of right now, only spell Im missing is skeleton spell.)

    And lastly, how to go about attacking bases with these comps?


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    Babyloon is a good army composition for dark elixir farming. You'll also get a ton of gold, but it's expensive in elixir.

    There are some good videos on Youtube.

    Look for a base with a fat, full DE store.

    10 balloons (or so)
    The rest is baby dragons
    2 x lightening
    The rest is rage spells
    CC: Lavahound or balloons, plus earthquake or freeze

    1) Attack from the side nearest to the DE storage, preferably not going in towards the air sweepers if possible
    2) Drop 2x lightening onto the nearest air defence to take it out (you may need an earthquake too, if your lightening spells aren't max)
    3) Drop the baby dragons in a line
    4) Drop the balloons behind the babies, and your CC troops
    5) Drop rages as needed to get the loons over to the other AD's
    6) Drop freeze if needed over an AD or anything that's causing your troops some trouble

    It's more or less guaranteed to get 1-star. The babies ought to have no trouble getting to the core of the base to take down the DE storage and often the TH as well for the 2nd star.
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    For a war attack try "Witch Slap". But you should upgrade your witches first, and you also need high-level heroes for this to be a success.

    10x witch
    1x golem
    4x healer
    3x wizard
    1x minion (or 2 archer, or 2 goblin, whatever)
    2x jump
    1x heal
    1x rage
    1x poison
    CC: 5x bowler plus poison

    Watch a video on it.

    It's kind of hard to explain, but you drop two groups of witches with healers, so the two groups walk down the sides of the base. If they survive, they should go all the way around the base and meet up at the other side.

    Meanwhile drop everything else with jumps. So you get golem, CC bowlers, heroes and wizards going into the core of the base.

    Basically your two groups of witches will take care of the outside of the base, and your killsquad will take care of the enemy CC and the inside of the base.

    It's an awesome attack at TH9, very rarely fails.

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    As a TH9 with 20/22 heroes i have to say witchslap done properly is a flawless attack.
    I have to say LavaLoon is getting harder for me since bases are more adapted to it.
    There is the queen walk hog attack but you need high level queen 20+

    I must say even Pekka Witches plus CC Bowlers do work. PeBOwI

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    Today's update has nerfed the healer's "splash healing" radius.

    In plain English this means Witch Slap might not be as easy any more, because our healers will have a harder time healing the two groups of witches.

    We'll see.

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