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Thread: Additions to Profit Supercell

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    Additions to Profit Supercell

    While the title of this thread does seem just to be about Supercell I would like to inform all people reading this that my ideas could also benefit the community and not just raise profits for Supercell.

    My first idea has to do with season challenges. My idea is to add a great reward at the end of the track that you get WITH the Hero Skin(thus only available to Gold Pass purchasers). This item could be anything it just has to draw in Players. One thing could be the Hammer of Heroes. This might seem OP but many people would pay for the gold pass if the got a hammer at the end. In addition to this it would go well with the Hero theme as it would be awarded at the end of the rewards track with the Hero Skin. That’s just one idea to increase revenue.

    My second idea involves builder base loot. What would happen is being able to purchase something that lets you get more loot. There are two ways that this plays out. The first being you can purchase something than doubles the loot for a certain amount of time(2 days is $.99). The second is kind of like the season challenges pass. You can purchase a month long pass that allows you to have an increased number of bonuses each day. You could even buy a premium pass that gets you unlimited attacks. These are available for $5.99 and $9.99 respectively. This would be a great deal and you could actually do both. This way there is a bit of juxtaposition. Someone sees the 99 cent one and thinks “hmm. That’s a good deal” but then they see they can get unlimited rewards for not much more.

    I hope you guys like my ideas!

    I plan on posting more ideas soon so look at my profile!!!

    Have a great Day!!

    Let me know what you guys think about this. Just reply to the thread so I can hear your concerns and comments!!
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    SP has already a very big value for only 5 buck imo.
    With only 1 builder I don't see many ppl buying it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IcecreaM86 View Post
    SP has already a very big value for only 5 buck imo.
    With only 1 builder I don't see many ppl buying it.
    Yes. Supercell does have an incredible profit margin. However, companies always look to expand.

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    hammers (i know you said "could be anything" but you elaborated thematically on hoh) will only be available thru league shop

    i'm guessing gold pass is close to the market saturation point. meaning that almost all the people who consider buying gold pass are already buying gold pass. very few people are saying, "if they only gave more value over the $275-ish they give, then i'll cough a fiver out of my left lung."

    sc has to balance sales with future sales. if they throw in a hammer on gold pass for free (free in addition to other rewards for same money), they dilute purchases of store offers right before cwl as people ramp up bases to do better in cwl so they get more medals to buy.... hammers

    so trying to entice a few more people to buy gold pass would quite probably reduce the "need" to spend another $5 - $20 in the store before cwl
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