What is Weekend Wars?

Weekend Wars is a pretty self explanatory concept. I will be covering a different war every weekend, whether this is a small 5v5 war or a full 50v50. I will showcase 5 attacks from every war.

What am I Looking For?

I am looking for clans that have a decent understanding of 3 star strategies (at all Town Hall
levels). I'm happy to cover wars that have high % 2 stars if they've attempted to 3 star. I'm looking to expand on the usual strategies so any wacky 3 stars are always a little bonus.

Why is this Beneficial for my Clan?

Getting featured in Weekend Wars helps to promote your clan. It shows those in search of a clan that you are decent war attackers and take war a little seriously. It will also serve as a showcase of previous wars that you can look back on in the future.

It can also be used to show newer clan members effective 3 star strategies and how you like to do them.

How do I Participate?

Leave a reply on this thread with all your clan info:
- Clan Name
- Your in Game Name
- Clan #
- War History (Wins/Losses)
- The War you'd Like recorded (Enemy Clans Name)
- The 5 Attacks you'd like recorded

When Will They be Recorded?

I record videos whenever I get the chance. Keep an eye on this thread and I will reply with a rough time frame.

Please note that I will join your clan with one of my 5 accounts so keep an eye for any of these names:
- a13x
- Little-Warrer
- Captain Cannon
- :)
- Small Fry