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Thread: McGroove Legion #Y2UUJ9JV Recruitment!

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    McGroove Legion #Y2UUJ9JV Recruitment!

    Clan Name: McGroove Legion

    Clan Level: 9

    War Frequency: Always

    Current Member Count: 25-30

    Hello everyone, I am Doc Z the leader of McGroove Legion. I am a very active, near max th12, top legends player. I currently have over 15,000 donations this season and I am on the top 200 leaderboards for the USA hovering around 6,000 trophies. We are a welcoming clan, that only cares that you use your attacks in war and are willing to try and listen. Clan chat is often not family friendly, we don't care about donation ratios, and we are willing to help you become the best clash player you can be! If you look at our war log you will notice we are rebuilding and only came back to the clan recently. We are 3-0 since returning! I hope you will come join our team, looking forward to meeting new people.

    -Doc Z

    P.S. Please be nice to Tony!
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