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    About trailers

    i just started to play this game after a recommendation by a friend. My issue here is i could't view the ads. I am able to get the free items, but it is 2 only; compared to my friend who watches the ads 4 times daily and get 4 items. Couldn't figure out what is wrong here. Anyone can help?

    thank you.

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    Welcome to the farm and the forums, gohkinhock! You have definitely come to the right place for farming questions and tips.

    The number of movie trailers depends on whether you have purchased diamonds in the game. When you first start playing, you get 4 trailers which usually include some diamonds. After you buy diamonds, you only get two trailers and they never include diamonds. There have been some tweaks to this system over time. It used to be that if you bought diamonds, you never got trailers again. At some point, SC added in the 2 daily trailers for all of us. If you have never purchased diamonds and still only get two, my assumption is that the 4-trailer option was eliminated at some point. If your friend is a long-time farmer and never bought diamonds, that would explain it.

    Happy farming!
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