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    Quote Originally Posted by rohitkumarb108 View Post
    Lol he start first read up.....
    LOL... What did I start up?

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    Darian is busy reading all your posts before he can announce the update. Stop posting here or the update will be delay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    Not to approve, but from when SC say "go" it can take several hours until the update actually appears in the first play store, and that is the key for the start of maintenance.

    It is usually 1-3 hours, but has been known to be longer - One Hayday update took nearly 48 hours!
    Omg 48 hours?!
    I hope that won't happen with clash. I'll be waiting so badly and have nothing to do if I can't play coc for 2 days long...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrabhuPappu View Post
    Update is on next week Monday or Tuesday
    It may be tomorrow

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    2 h left work SC do you think they roll up today update?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SomePeopleCallMeMaurice View Post
    Since there is not currently a maintenance break, I can assume that the update is not coming now. It may come in 3 min or it may come in 10 days but the one thing that I am certain of is that it is not happening right now.
    After Waiting for the whole day ,looks like what you said is right.

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    37 weeks pregnant + reading this thread is one of the most stressful things i ve done in my life��

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aminsab View Post
    I'm taking the blue one on right side!

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    Update is probably coming at end of league season. So probably Sunday.

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