Dear Supercell,

It has been a great time with CoC and I am really happy to see a lot of improvements have been undertook to make this game a lot better. Today I am going to bring up a new idea which is inspired by the upcoming updates.

So, what would you do after you "maxed out" TH 12? It 's a most common question that I have been asked, at the time that I am typing now, I would probably say "nothing", because I am not going after any loot, and I will be stucking on the "clouds" if I push it to above 5000 trophies, and I am waiting for the next Clan War to start, so basically there is nothing I can do here right now but sit tight. Luckily, the "clouds" issue will be no longer existed after the upcoming updates, but 8 attacks, do you think that is really enough for many active players? what do you think they would do for the rest of the day?

It is never going to be a huge difficulty for clashers to max out their base after any single update, the point is what can you do for them once they are about to lose their motivations? Obviously, you would throw tons of time and efforts to max your base, but once it is maxed, it almost feels like "oh, that's it, end of game, I am gotta take a rest until the next update". CoC does not have too much open world to explore like the RPG games, so understand what those max out players desire and keep them are the keys to prosper this game.

So what are the incentives behind these clashers that are willing to spend a lot of time and fortune to keep their village going? They are keen to harness their skills, improve their attack strategies, crushing different bases, in a word, they are aiming that "triple", basically that is the only motivation that keeps me going. If you just like to sit there and enjoy your beautiful village, that is totally fine, but I believe there are tons of maxed out players like me that are keen to refine their skills. Yes, you do have friendly challenge, Clan War, CWL, but they are limited somehow in the game and that's where I believe a War Practice Mode can be perfectly fill that gap.

This idea was inspired by the "Practice mode" which is available through the next update, basically the practice mode is designed for the new beginners where they can test different troops and maybe new strategies. For those high end players, a practice war mode is a good way to perfect their war skills. It can be available for 1v1 single match, 1 hour preparation time, and 1 hour battle time, twice attacks maximum, so keep it on a short timeline to make it more flexible. It can be open to all players once they decide to opt-in, matchmaking will be based on the TH level, if you maxed out, you will have a maxed out opponent. Because the legend players are stuck on the 8 attacks gap each day, and given the fact that, most of the legend players will be carrying a maxed base after this update since looting above legend will be a difficulty, this single player war practice mode will fill in the gap for the rest of the days if they happen to finish their 8 attacks.

Of course, there will be no loots and trophies G/L. The 1v1 Practice Mode gives players more opportunities to test their new strategies without considering looting or trophies, the preparation time will make you a bit focus on the base you are about to attack and which strategies you are going to use against it and what you learn from it once you attacked. If you happen to be in an inactive clan with less online players, less war frequency, few friendly challenge, this is the opportunity to fill that empty.

That should wrap up this thread, would look forward to the upcoming updates, hope the CoC will be even better.

Clash On