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Thread: Will we see new Clash of Clans stars that we never heard about before?

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    One thing is certain: we will indeed see new names in the top 10. Nowadays it is only possible by 24/7 accounts, in the new system everyone has the possibility: Time is not the deciding factor but skill. Obviously that means a shift.

    For myself that means I will not reach the top 10, as I am consider myself average skilled. However, I am at least able to compete, whereas now I am not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RazorBlade72nd View Post
    Everybody will now get a shot at the title of best clasher. Before the update you had to have either a huge amount of free time to get to the top of the leaderboard or you had to be in a well know clan to get recognized. If you did not compete there, you never had the chance to become a famous clash player.

    After the update it will be different. No need for huge amount of free time. No need to compete in super high demanding clans. Just do it! If you have the skill you can now become the number 1 player of the world. I wonder if it will be a person who is already famous like iTzu or will it be somebody who we never heard about before.

    What do you think? Will it be a member of the already elite clans or will it be a lone wolf who never joined a top clan?
    To see the bestest skilled attacker will require 2/3 seasons of Legend League, Most of the trophy pushers are EDragger, As we move on bases will evolve and so will players perception of attacking as well as making a super base for defense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phillman98 View Post
    I can do 8 attacks in one hour with boosted barracks etc
    Not wo healing heroes and gemming cc cooldown

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    Quote Originally Posted by AcemanCOC View Post
    Indeed a lot of people don't seem to realise 8 attacks is going to take quite a bit of time, if you include waiting for cc cooldown and hero regen.
    8 times 13 minutes will be the minimum, or two hours. The LL top will need to have these two hours every day of the month.
    This will unfortunately exclude a fair bit of working dads.
    But it will include working moms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RazorBlade72nd View Post
    Your math is wrong. It is like buying a lottery ticket and assuming that you have 50% chance of winning the highest price. I mean, according to your math there are only two options, right? You win or lose.

    In reality perhaps 1 on every 10 attacks is a 3 star. So to have only 3 stars you have a chance of 1/ 10^8. That means one in every 100 million.
    Please explain how my math is wrong. Throwing out made up statistics doesn't prove my math wrong. There are no "perhaps" in my scenario. It is quite improbable for there to be only one person to receive any given among of trophies, ie; no one person, will receive 191 trophies or 5 trophies for that matter. Not sure how the chances of getting 3 stars has anything to do with how many people play in Legend. It could be 1 in 10 or 1 in 10 billion chances at 3 stars, the fact that there are only 320 possibilities on day one is not disputed. And actually having a 1 in 100 million only makes my argument stronger, because there are definitely not 100 million legends.

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    Indeed. There are not a 100 miljon legends so changes are pretty fair that nobody is going to get 320 cups after one day.
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