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Thread: CWL right after season pass ends? Really?

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    CWL right after season pass ends? Really?

    I bought the season pass for one of my accounts last season. (I do not spend a lot of money on the game, $60 over 3 years on 3 accounts) At the end of the season, I ended up with lots of loot, which was great. The problem was I had to spend $10 more to finish the upgrade on my queen in order to be in CWL. I don't have an issue with the $5, when I like the resources; however, I do not want to have to spend more money in order to be in CWL. For that reason, I will not be spending anymore money on the game if the end of season conflicts with CWL.
    ***not trying to rant, just want a week gap or so in the schedule

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    It's pretty simple. Plan for it. Have a couple builders, lab, and a book or two at season end. Between those, I can burn through the excess loot quickly and not miss war leagues.
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    i preferred it back when games followed cwl myself [edit] for same reason you are annoyed cwl follows season pass [end edit] but I think it benefits sc financially to have people "gemming" (to include buying offers) upgrades to be available in cwl. can't fault them for being prudent about income streams
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    Walls is the way, I'm sire you will not be dissapointed upgrading it. I never stop warring and save all my gems for boh and pick the spell and troop book from cgs to compensate how fast is heros upgrade.

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    At the end of last season all of my season bank loot was gone within minutes of logging in. All because I planned ahead to make sure I had at least 3 builders free when the season ended. It's not supercell's fault you didn't do any planning.
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    This season there are literally two books of heroes given at the end of the track. Use one of those to finish a Hero immediately before the season ends, then another when you use all of your bank loot on your AQ after the end. If you've already gotten to the end of the track and used the books... well that's your problem.

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