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Thread: No Double Vouchers in 2XP Boats Event Anymore Since Long

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    Exclamation No Double Vouchers in 2XP Boats Event Anymore Since Long

    Hello Hay Day Creative Team,

    With one of the updates and new features long ago Double Vouchers disappeared which were given in 2XP Boats Event. Lower level still need tons of them for pets and to participate in Fishing Events more easily. Pets constantly are giving tools, colored lures are made much faster to get all kind of fish to claim diamonds and heavy fish during Fishing Event. Also good for some decoration even isnít the burner but not all are able to purchase diamonds to buy some that way.

    Please add them back to 2XP Boats Events for better progress and fun in game



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    I think double vouchers has been an event by itself.
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    We have had weeks where we get double vouchers for different events.
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    As far as I can remember, double vouchers for boats is part of a boat double coin event. We haven't had any of those recently.

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