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Thread: Mightyhammer - Recruiting Th4-8 / Learning clan / Part of the Mighty family

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    Mightyhammer lvl 15 clan - Th4-9 / Learning clan / Part of the Mighty family

    MightyHammer is a lvl 15 clan happy to accept dedicated new members from TH4 to TH8 looking to grow to TH9 and
    progress to other clans within the mighty family.

    This international, English speaking clan family is fair; everyone is encouraged to do their best and support is offered from more experienced players. Drama, bullying, impulsive kicking is not a feature here. If you are loyal, particpate in clan life and support your fellow clan members you will have a great time here.

    We communicate using a discord server this adds to the game experience and keeps everyone in the loop with strategy but is also good just for general chat.

    Clan webpage - (clan rules can be found here)


    LEVEL 15 Clan - Leader: Melastrand
    MightHammer is our feeder clan to the Mighty Clans Family.
    If you are a newbie or a relative newbie and are learning the ropes, or you are an advanced player with a baby account, this is the home for you. Newbies are encouraged and supported here while experienced players are welcome to grow their 2nd or 3rd account here while sharing their knowledge and experience with others. Mightyhammer has an enviable war record, its fun to win in wars while you are learning. Three wars per week, weekend is mandatory, midweek is optional. We often have big 40v40 wars. We also focus on clan games reaching top tier. Participate in CWL as well we have reached Gold 2. We try to give all our players a chance to participate and earn CWL medals.

    • TH4-9
    • Ability to follow clan rules and communicate
    • Respectful and supportive of clanmates + no bad language in chat
    • Loyalty
    • Willingness to learn
    • Use both attacks in war
    • Follow war plan in clan mail
    • Donate/Request combined 400 per season, but keep your d/r ratio greater than 1:3 (I.e 100 troops donated 300 requested ok)\
    • Don't apply with a war timer - if you jump clan mid war, you are not proving yourself as a loyal clan mate.
    • We don't accept rushed bases

    Our clans share a friendly and light hearted chat, we talk lots about coc but as we get to know each other friendships can also develop. Mightyclans is truly a wonderful family of clans.

    How do I apply?
    Apply in game saying "I read it on the forums"

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    Th4-8 are welcome, read the post above

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    Join us! Read info ☝️

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    Join us!

    Non-rushed TH4-8 are welcome.

    We are an active, friendly, supportive, disciplined and organized international clan within Mighty family.

    We do back to back wars.
    We max clan games (you are encouraged to contribute but it's not mandatory).
    We do 30v30 CWL.
    We have a great Discord server set up with useful bots, helpful information and guides.

    Sounds intriguing?
    Apply in-game and mention forum in your request.

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    Our war stats are 426 W - 78 L - 15 D.

    There must be a reason why winning rates are so high, right?

    Join us and grow with us!

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    We recently leveled up to Clan Level 16.

    Join our clan to enjoy all the high level clan perks and grow with us!

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    Jul 2019
    We can donate you max level troops for war.

    Join us and grow with us!

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    Join us and grow with us!

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    We're still recruiting.

    Join us and grow with us!

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    We have seasoned clashers who can guide you to become a better clasher.

    Join us and grow with us!

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