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Thread: Mightyhammer - Recruiting Th4-8 / Learning clan / Part of the Mighty family

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    Join us and grow with us!

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    Non-rushed TH4-8 are welcome.

    We are an active, friendly, supportive, disciplined and organized international clan within Mighty family.

    We do back to back wars.
    We max clan games (you are encouraged to contribute but it's not mandatory).
    We do 30v30 CWL.
    We have a great Discord server set up with useful bots, helpful information and guides.

    We recently made it to Clan Level 16.

    Join us and grow with us!

    Apply in-game and mention forum in your request.

    (Check first post or for more info)

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    We are currently on a winning streak with 13 consecutive wins.

    Our current war stats are 430-78-15.

    With us, you will have great CoC experience.

    Mention forum in your in-game request.

    Join us and grow with us!

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    Join us and grow with us!

    Check first post or visit http:// for full info.

    Mention forum in your in-game request.

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    Join us and grow with us!

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    We currently have 44 clan mates and we're recruiting more.

    Everyone is active in our clan.

    Join us and grow with us!

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    Our winning streak continues with 15 consecutive wins.

    We currently have 82.35% winning rate and that rate keeps on growing.

    Be part of a winning clan.

    Join us and grow with us!

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    We have over 40 members and we're still recruiting.

    CWL will start in a few days.

    We do 30v30 CWL.

    We add every clan mate in the roster including the one who aren't strong enough to fight.

    So, even if your TH is low and you can't attack in CWL, we make sure that you still earn a few medals by adding everyone in the roster.

    Join us and grow with us!

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    CWL will start in 3 days and we are currently in Gold League 2.

    Come for the CWL, stay for your growth.

    Join us and grow with us!

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    Plz I'll like to join your clan,This is myTAG #L8YPRU09U I am highly active and always do 5+ star attack,plz take me in the clan by sending a freind request and I'll approve in 10-12 hours(if I am sleeping) plz I'll prove that I am active,done 2cwl and got 39 stars,I am a donater and donate everytime what I can,don't take me as a rushed one plz, I am a th9 everything ok except wall,just like a th8 but at crystal1
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