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Thread: Neighbourhood is hacked

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    Neighbourhood is hacked

    My neighbourhood (redacted by forum moderator) #(redacted) is hacked. I created it and was leader since last 3 years. I am always active, even on vacations. Only last week Derby i was off.
    Please note that player, (redacted), who has taken over or hacked hood was never invited by any hoodie, neither he was present in our hood at any time before hacking has happened.
    On last Wednesday at 22:57 i got message from my one hoodie who was playing Derby that we are all kicked out of hood by someone. At that time i was sleeping and earliest i read msg was in the morning after almost 7 hours. I could do nothing. I was shocked. (Redacted) kicked everyone out and took over hood. I have no idea how this can happen. I am still waiting supercell to look into this issue but no response.
    Hood is our home, so easily someone can hack is a big question mark? All our efforts based on many years gone waste. We won over 120 gold cups, it means alot. All my hoodies, friends are in shock.
    (Redacted) is letting us joining hood but he in no way is willing to give it back. Will not even talk about it. He says he is from (redacted) and this hood is his now.
    Please supercell help us.
    I my self, all my hoodies and friends are ready to provide any proof you need to verify the ownership of hood. Please help ��
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